Data Monetization (Infonomics)

Your definition of value, is our passion.
Our approach is lead by the father of data monetization. Our team not only follows the theory of infonomics, we embody it, wrote the book and practiced it for years. While other consultancies create paper tigers on the power of data, we painted the first canvas, applied it and have the wisdom to navigate you through the chatter and get you on your way with our proven approach, framework to light the fire under your definition of value.

Value of Data Discovery Findings
Data monetization strategy
Data monetization model & organization design
Data monetization demand portfolio /backlog
Data monetization performance simulator

20 Years of Experience


You get the highest possible value from your data assets pointed at your business outcomes - Effortless

About Data Monetization (Infonomics)

Cost Reduction

If you are looking to reduce cost, optimize your IT TCO, optimize the IT operating model, reductions, generate revenue and improve your reputation risk exposure, revenue generation.

Data Accuracy

Our desire quantifies the value of your data, giving you the clarity, you need to really experience evidence-based decision making, operations management for one area of your organization or the entire enterprise.