Data and AI Strategy

In 2020 all organizations were fully engaged in survival tactics, few were focused on sustaining and thriving yet all share common and expensive challenges still in 2021

Their data lakes are mostly data swamps
Their data landscapes look like Swiss cheese
Their internal data consumers are disgruntled
Their decision making is primarily based on gut feeling
Their digital transformation is siloed
Their AI adoption is poor
Their Advanced Analytics is floundering and patchy
Their IT cost are 60 – 80% higher than they need to be
Their data asset and data management cost are unknown
Their competitiveness and strategic objectives are hanging on a string
These are symptoms of an organization without strategic data orchestration and integrated information.

20 Years of Experience

About Data and AI Strategy


This is what happens when there is no living, vibrant data and AI strategy. The result is an excessive expense and long-lasting cost gauging of organizations.

Data Management

You need TKs data strategy service to rescue you from feudalistic data management practices.


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